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Saturday, 26 January 2013

I'm all alone

As the title suggests I am here all on my own, Simon has gone home ill, he has sat in the corner (like a naughty boy) sniffing and snuffling all day so decided to go home early.
The tea room has been fairly quiet today so Denise went home at 3 o'clock, and it is her birthday today, so happy birthday Denise from all of us at Norbury Wharf.
David has been off today and he is also off tomorrow so I hope Simon feels a bit better in the morning as he is in work again ;-)
Fred went home at 4 o'clock as he was waiting for paint to dry so he couldn't carry on with the job in hand.
Steve went at 4 o'clock as he was finished for the day and that left just Mick and Myself.
I have been putting items on e bay all day today as well as listening to Simon complaining about being ill and Mick has been working on a private boat.
We had Pippin go out today just for 1 night and as the customer cruised through the bridge the dog decided to jump off the back of the boat and into the canal, the customer jumped straight off the back, through the ice and rescued the poor dog, i'm glad to say they are both fine.
Well that's all from me for today, Mick is waiting to lock up, so til next time byeeee, Ange. 

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