Shop front in the summer

Sunday, 27 January 2013

its all gone!

At last this bloody snow has all gone, we had some serious rain in the night and the temperatures have picked up a lot which has caused the snow to finally disappear, I am glad to see the back of it as it was having an adverse effect on the business as people just were not venturing out, I am glad to say that the big round orange thing has been out to play today and its been lovely, well between the showers!

Its been a bust one here today, I have felt a bit better and even managed to sell yet another boat, I, on a roll so to speak and that three in the last two weeks; Denise has had a fair few folks in the tea room today and at one stage Ange said it was manic, I think she was exaggerating a little, Steve has been in today and pumped out all of the boats, you can probably imagine the amount of water that has got in to them over this last week, and Mick has been working on a private boat today, removing bathroom tiles in readiness for a bathroom refit.

That's it from me I'm off for Sunday lunch

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