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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

blowing a hoolie

What a busy day it has been here at Norbury today.
The phones have not stopped ringing, not that we are complaining but when there are only 2 of us in the office/tea room it makes life a little bit difficult. I interviewed a lady yesterday to work full time in the shop, tea room, cleaning boats and a general dogsbody, her name is Lynn and she will be starting next Wednesday, the plan was to have her start on 2 days a week throughout February and then start full time from the beginning of March...........change of plan, as long as she likes us and we like her, which I'm sure we will she will be full time the following week ;-)
I have been quite busy in the tea room today, in between customers I was spring cleaning Quartz as she was moored outside the tea room....very handy, I brought all of her inventory into the tea room to wash and check, went to put it all back on and the boat was gone..........she couldn't have been further away, right at the end of the pack, well I had to give that job up and carry on with service washes, putting items on E bay which is proving to be something worth doing as we sold more items over night, all packed up this morning and in the post with Blanche (the paper lady) this morning, she is a star.
Simon has been whinging this afternoon because I wouldn't help him do the chandlery order for the start of the season....well I was busy doing something else, my orders for the start of the season....happy bunny. Trouble is with Simon he has everything arrive on the same day, all got to be bagged and tagged, takes forever, but since we have been displaying our chandlery items this way we have sold so much more.
Mick, David and Denise have all been on their day off today.
Simon, Fred and Steve have all been busy doing other things and I don't know what cos I've been too busy myself ;-)
not an after thought, as the title suggests it has been blowing an absolute hoolie around here today, the wind has blown that hard it has been causing havoc with the tea room door, rattling away and everytime it did I thought I had another customer .
until next time............byeeee ange.

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