Shop front in the summer

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Now that the rain has stopped I am wondering when the snow and ice will rear its head, although after the spring like day today I cant imagine the weather turning cold, it really has been a lovely day at Norbury today, even quite warm at times!

Its been a busy one today, I shouldn't really say because Ange will be smiling from ear to ear as she kept saying through December that January would be busy with bookings for the boats, yesterday she sat taking bookings with a smug look on her face and if she had been in today she would have been the same, I don't think we are breaking any records but the bookings seem to be coming in nice and steady, as well as some dock bookings and paint jobs.

The lads have all been busy, Simon had to go out to Sue on 'No problem' as she couldn't get her new engine that we fitted last year started, Simon soon had it sorted and she duly arrived at Norbury for us to investigate the problem further, Fred and Simon docked a hire boat for some jobs and then Fred pressure washed it, while Simon fitted new anodes, rudder cup and did a bit of plating on the bottom plate, Steve has been doing some painting and internal work on Phantasy, David has been in and out of the office and on and off boats doing different bits and bobs, leaving me to man the office and Denise to do some cleaning in between looking after the tea room.

Until tomorrow

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