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Monday, 31 December 2012

Water water everywhere

When is this weather going to improve, it seems to do nothing but rain; I was down south over the weekend so I saw a good bit of the country side and I was amazed at just how many parts are being affected by the flooding, I have never before seen the river Avon as high as it is, I crossed it in Stratford and it wasn't that bad but I also crossed it on the M5 and it seemed to stretch across the fields for miles, I also crossed the river Thames near to Oxford on the A34 and that was the same, the water in the surrounding fields stretched for miles and miles, then there would be a piece of higher ground which had escaped but that was surrounded by water making it in to a deserted island; I can only imagine how some poor people have suffered over the Christmas period where their properties have been flooded, and flooded and flooded again; Lets hope that with the coming of the new year there is also some better weather with it!

New years Eve and quite a busy day, lots of people off today so me and Denise have looked after the tea room and shop, Mick has been finishing off bits and bobs on boats, Bernard has been in today to help out, we have had a boat go out on hire and Steve and Bernard have swapped boats over in the painting dock, we have even had some boats on the wharf, so it was worth opening!

I know David has already said it but From me personally I wish everyone a very good New Year and if you are out celebrating later, ENJOY


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