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Thursday, 13 December 2012

roll on summer

Blimey its been cold here today, only -3 today but the wind chill has made it feel like -20 and there hasn't been any wind as such just a light breeze my drive in to work this morning was superb as the moisture in the air from last night had frozen on everything and the frozen hedge lined lanes were like something off a wintry post card scene, you can imagine what the canal is like, it has about an inch or so of ice on it, and so have the boats!

we have had another uneventful day today except for the three amigos painting the tea room, they have made a lovely job and the place looks great and I really appreciate all of there hard work, I cant wait now to see the place buzzing again with people.

I have a busy day tomorrow as I have got to go to Derby to fetch our new boat, I am not going to say much about it except it will cause a few raised eyebrows, make a few people smile and hopefully make people talk, there will be some photos posted up as soon as it arrives!

A big thanks to everyone that has offered to collect the boat from the Braunston area, I am glad to report that I have found someone to do it, I promise that I will post any more boat movements on here, but remember be quick to respond as they get sorted quickly!

That's it from me for today, don't forget to keep your eyes open for the photos of the new boat

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  1. You haven't bought that submarine nb have you? :)