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Saturday, 29 December 2012

I knew the weather forecast was for wind, but the boats were banging together all night last night as the wind was that strong. At one point I though about getting up and putting some ropes down between the boats (I don't believe in fenders!) but I soon fell back to sleep... I got drenched by the rain walking to work this morning and it didn't seem like it was going to let-up all day, although it did decided to ease off this afternoon. 

Fred's been down in the dock prepping and undercoating the gunnels and counter bands on Reflection. Bernard has been doing no end of odd jobs on the boats and around the yard whilst Simon has been doing an engine service on Phantasy and Mick has been doing yet more gas checks on the hire fleet. Mrs. Handbag has cleaned the cottage and finished Ember off as they are both out today. Denise has been IC in the kitchen and Ange has been busy doing end of month paperwork.

There's been a few boats around today, but I'm longing for those long hot summer days when it is that busy that you don't know if your coming or going - it's much more interesting then...

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