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Monday, 10 December 2012

Free boating holiday anyone

Not one but two! I have two boats that need moving, the one is not set in stone as yet but it is almost a definite, it is in the Braunston area and  needs to be moved to Norbury, it will be available from this weekend however we are not in any great rush for it so it could be done at your leisure, the boat is a nice boat, fully fitted, two berth (double) all you will need is food, drink, clothes, windlasses, who fancies it? drop me an email with your contact details, the other one is a definite and is at Nantwich so is only a couple of days away, this one is a four berth and the canal will be passable after the 21st December, Please remember that the last time I posted a freebie the offer was snapped up over night so its first come first served, so who fancies it?

The sun has been shining all day long but it has been freezing cold, brass monkey weather in fact! It has however been a quiet day as there has only been myself, David and Steve in, the tearoom is shut for the week for a makeover and its either been peoples days off or holiday time for the rest, so I have been all on my own in the office today, which has been OK as its been quiet, David has popped in to the office on occasions today to make sure that I was awake, which of course I was! Make sure you all have plenty of your winter fuel supplies as apparently we are in for more of this cold weather and its gonna get colder!

That's it from me for today, I am off home to stoke up my fire.

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