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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

been decorating

It has been absolutely freezing here at Norbury today, not as much ice on the canal as yesterday but soooo cold. It has also been very quiet, well, with customers anyway as the tea room is closed whilst the 3 musketeers have been painting.....the 3 musketeers for those of you who don't know them are Simons dad Rob and his 2 brothers David and Brian. They do a lot of maintenance work here.Well this week they have been painting the tea room, was supposed to have been the kitchen but hey ho. The walls have been stripped of the pictures and lace plates and boy have they taken some geeing up ;-) We have had a bit of painting done here and then a bit done somewhere else, another bit needed a second coat and the bit near the ceiling needed doing and the story goes on. I kept going into the tea room to ask how they were doing and there was always a lot of arguing going on, I desperately wanted to make some headway but there was nothing I could do. Eventually things started to take shape. We have put all the lace plates back on the wall, all the framed pictures are now back for sale, we have drinks in the chiller and the kitchen is all in order. We did have a few arguments along the way. I started hanging the plates and unbeknown to me Rob had taken before photo's, he kept shouting "that's in the wrong place"........whatever!!!!....they are up and out of the way. All done now and looks very nice and freshened up.
We have had Bernard back with us today as engineer Simon is off for a few days sick as he had a car accident at the weekend, he is o.k but the car isn't :-(
Fred has been doing Freddie things and Steve has been doing some winter work on Princess.
Sorry for the short post but nothing else to report today, until next time..........byeeee ange.

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