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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

another quiet day tday

It started off very wet and windy here at Norbury today. I took Dylan out first thing and by the time I got back I looked as if I had been dragged through a hedge backwards.
It has been quiet though, that quiet that Simon has done some cleaning. I took a radio with me and said to Simon "give me a call if anyone comes into the tea room, I am in Wharf Cottage", we have Ray and Claire Walmsley staying in there for 2 nights as they have just sold their house and moving back on to a boat :-)
I had been in there all of 5 minutes and the radio went off........."hello" I said...."when you go back over to the laundry can you bring me something to clean my desk with"....I took him some multi purpose spray and went back to the cottage with my radio. A couple of minutes later it went off again, "next time you go to the laundry can you bring me something else to clean  my desk, I've used all that"....mmmm, how has he used a full tin of cleaning solution on his desk, it ain't that big. I did as I was told and took more cleaner and a scourer, well I must say Simon that you now have the job as a boat cleaner, you're desk is spotless.
He was so proud of what he had done that I wasn't allowed to put anything on there, I went to take everything away and he said "no Ange, I've not finished yet, I've got phones to clean yet"....;-)
Steve has been doing some jobs on a brokerage boat, Fred has been doing winter works on the hire fleet and engineer Simon has been doing engine services on the hire fleet as in the next few days we have Pippin, Sphinx and Ember going out and also Wharf Cottage on Saturday for the week.
We have also taken a 6 week booking on Phoenix today with returning customers of ours, welcome back Wilf and Maggie Loynd.
That's all I have to report for today, til next time.......byeeee Ange.

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