Shop front in the summer

Saturday, 22 December 2012

It seems to have been  another busy day here at Norbury today and it has also been a very wet one! I think everyone must be stocking up for Christmas on their supplies of gas, coal, diesel and much more...

Fred's been in a bit of a mood today and wanted to go home even before nine o' clock this morning because he had forgotten to put his teeth in before he left for work. He has been chuntering about it all day and has blamed his wife, who I reckon is going to get an ear full tonight because she didn't remind him this morning. Poor Brenda!

Ange and Denise have been in the shop and tearoom whilst Mrs. Handbag has been cleaning the cottage and boats.

Mick has been cracking on with the gas work that he has been doing, Simon has finished the engine service that he started on Pippin yesterday and Fred has been following me round all day like a lost sheep... In actual fact we docked a Springer that had sprung a leak this morning, moved some boats around and done some painting. Steve finished the bits and pieces that he was in the middle of on Pippin and then went home at lunchtime due to the rain!

We've seen Summer Wine go out today and there are new occupants in the cottage for the Christmas period. I hope they all have a really enjoyable time.

That's it for tonight. Time to go home and put my feet up in front of the fire!

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