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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Freezing cold

It has been absolutely freezing here at Norbury today, so cold that we have had to get the space heater and a bottle of gas in the shop to warm us up, trouble is once that heater gets going we are sweltering in there as it is so powerful and the jackets come off.
We haven't been very busy with customers here today, the tea room has seen a few walkers and cyclists which has kept Ms Cerrone occupied, if she insists on calling me Mrs Waaaard then she is now Ms Cerrone ;-)
Mrs Handbag (Carol) has been doing deep cleaning on Phantom today, the lads have finished their work on there so we are now allowed to clean her, good job as she is going out for 2 weeks in 2 weeks time.
Fred has been blacking and painting the counter bands on "Cotton Dancer", she is actually my previous boat from 6 years ago, he came in the shop this afternoon and asked what colour blue the boat was painted in on the gunwale black Fred, he said "no wonder i couldn't find the right colour".
David has put the finishing touches to the brochure so hopefully it will be going to print on monday.
I have been busy doing V.A.T return...........sorry Simon.
Nothing else to report today, oh and peter i missed a couple of capital letters out yesterday....sorry....I will get better honest....byeeeeeeeeeeeee Ange.

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