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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Not suprised!

Given the time of the year I am not surprised that I have not had people breaking down the door with offers of moving these boats, it looks like I have sorted the short haul one from Nantwich but the one from Braunston has now been confirmed as a definite so if any one fancies a winter break please contact me, I must admit I wouldn't fancy boating in this cold weather, Talking of the weather, 'Good blimey' its cold, -5 when I left home this morning, fortunately the sun has been out most of the day and melted the frost covered boats and put some warmth in to the insides, I did check on five of the boats today that are going out soon to see if the water systems were all frozen and fortunately they were all fine and there were no signs of any frost internally and the water pumps all pumped water, heating systems lit and engines running, left like that for a couple of hours so if we have a severe drop in temperatures they should be OK, as I sit here by the heater I can confirm that the temperates have indeed started to drop rapidly and the ground already has a covering of frost, Eddie from the fisheries came up earlier and reported that it was -7 down there last night, Bbbbrrrrrrrr roll on home time and a nice warm fire!

until tomorrow Simon

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