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Thursday, 27 December 2012

We are open

Don't forget folks that unlike lots of boat yards we are open between Christmas and new year, so if you are stuck for a broken part that is spoiling your winter break then give us a shout as we will probably have one on the shelf, or if you need coal or diesel to keep you going on these long winter days.

I hope you all had a good Christmas, as usual mine involved a lot of driving and it also included looking at one or two boats that are up for sale, I never seem to completely get away from it! Back to normal for some of us today and its been busy enough to keep me going in the office and Denise has seen a few folks in the tea room, David has been out side on the boats today doing winter internal checks while Simon has been welding a poorly boat on the dock today leaving Fred to do pump outs and such like on shared boats, and we even had one on the wharf for services!

 Nothing else to report about today so that's it from me.

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