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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Next of Kin

You may remember that some time ago we published an article about how we came by Ember, rebuilt her and incorporated her into our hire fleet to give her a new lease of life. Well, a few days ago we stumbled across some footage of another one of our current hire boats which I thought may be interested to you (with thanks to Peter Quick). First of all, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy watching a BBC programme which was first broadcast in January 1997. I'm afraid it is in three parts, but I am sure that you will recognise some familiar sites!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. The boat that was hired from Norbury by Maggie, Andrew and the kids is a boat called Abel Tasman and was filmed in 1997. She was built by Dartline in 1991 at Bunbury and operated by them here at Norbury until Anglo Welsh took the company over in 1997. In December 1997 they renamed her Venus and continued to operate her until she eventually ended up working from their Oxford base on the River Thames. She was advertised for sale in the winter of 2010 and Simon decided to purchase her and bring her home to Norbury in December 2010. We have since done some modifications and refitting work, but kept the same layout and have renamed her Princess. We entered her into our hire fleet for the beginning of the 2011 season. Since then she has proved to be a very popular hire boat. We decided at the end of last season to give her even more of a up lift by painting her in our Norbury colour scheme (grey, black and red) which we have recently completed. I must admit that she now looks a real treat.

Princess as purchased in December 2010.

Princess today ready and waiting for the 2013 season (minus the bridge bars that were fitted when filmed by the BBC in 1997)!

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