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Friday, 7 December 2012

biting wind

Well to say it has been cold here today would be an understatement, the wind has been so cold and poor David and Steve have been working down the arm installing a new electricity post for the moorers to use.
Simon came in to work today with his casual clothes on, when he comes in dressed like this we know he is not staying :-)................but he didn't leave until 2.30 so we did have to put up with him for most of the day....only joking boss, you know we love you really.
Fred turned 2 shared boats around today and complained about the cold all the way through the small operation, he has also been doing some internal works on the inside of the hire fleet where it is a bit warmer than being outside.
Denise has manned the tea room, she has had quite a number of customers in there today, most of whom wanted a full english breakfast (£5.50 with a cup of tea or coffee).
Mrs Handbag has been doing all the cleaning today. She is very thorough with her cleaning and has driven me absolutely mad today for a meat tin for "Phantom" as she is going out tomorrow for 2 weeks, it will be sorted for tomorrow, don't worry carol.
Engineer Simon was on a call out this morning to the guys who are doing the maintenance work down at Shebdon, the boat they were using was very sluggish, he changed the fuel filter and everyone was happy.
I have been doing some ordering for goods that we are going to need to complete winter works and other than that answering the phones which has made denise laugh....why....the phones were that busy this morning  she said all she could see was me walking up and down reception answering phones, passing them over to people until there wasn't another phone to answer....Denise I thought you were my friend.
That's it for today, until next time byeeeeeeeeeee Ange.

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