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Friday, 30 November 2012

the brochure has arrived to be proofed

Well as the title suggests the brochure has arrived today for us to proof read it, there are some changes to be made, this will be done over the weekend then it will go to print on monday so watch this space!!!!
It has been a little quieter than a normal friday today, no day boats and only 2 shared boats returned to us today, so fred has had an easy day as regards turnrounds. We have had Reflection and Phantasy go out today, Reflection for the weekend and Phantasy for a week, they have both had to head south as the stoppage is still on at Shebdon until 21st December.
David has returned from his holiday today and has been catching up on brokerage, we have finalised on "cotton dancer" and the new owner will be staying here at Norbury for a couple of weeks while he waits for the stoppages to end so that he can take the boat to it's new mooring at Barton Marina.......we wish him well.
Denise has manned the tea room today and it has ticked over nicely. Mrs Handbag (Carol) has done all the cleaning today, she has dressed and cleaned Reflection and has also got Wharf Cottage ready for it's new occupants tomorrow aswell as a valet on Still Dreaming.
Fred thought he had got away scott free then "Silhouette" returned this afternoon, they weren't sure how long they were going to be out for as the weeks weren't booked..............hard luck freddie,they are back.
Simon asked me to get the banking ready for him this morning as he had to go out, I did as I was told and guess what, he went without it, so he went out, came back and then went out
Well that's it from me today......until next time, byee ange.

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