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Friday, 16 November 2012

manic day

was i glad to see 5 o'clock arrive tonight, it has been an absolute manic day here today.
we had 4 shared boats return to us today which has kept fred busy along with phantasy and quartz which have all turned round. i umd and ard yesterday about whether to ask mrs handbag to come in today to do the cleaning, i'm sooooooooo glad i did otherwise denise and i wouldn't have coped. the phone has been relentless which is good, we have also taken a couple of holiday bookings for next year.
denise heard the familiar clip clop of the cyclists shoes (she makes them sound like horses) and phoned me for some help........she has been really busy in the tea room all day.
mrs handbag has turned phantasy and quartz around and also done a valet on wolverley. when the part owners of still dreaming arrived this afternoon she was just emerging from the back of phantasy and the gentleman said to her "you must be mrs handbag", she said "how do you know that, i haven't even got my handbag on", he said "i've been reading your blog"...............she found me and wanted to know what i've been saying about her............only nice things carol..honest.
david has been busy with fred today loading the trailer ready for simon to take all the scrap to the scrap yard, well you wouldn't take it anywhere else would you?....but it keeps simon occupied anyway, he came back from the scrap yard just in time for lunch then announced that he was going home ;-)
we have been busy with chandlery and diesel aswell today.........nothing else to report so until next time, byeeeeeeeee ange.

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