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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

From hereon in

Well I hope I have spelt the title correctly ;-)
A customer and good friend at Norbury has commented on my blogs," the content is good but can we please have capital letters where they should be"............"pretty please".........ok Peter from hereon in i will do as I'm told.
It has been very quiet here at Norbury today, the tea room hasn't seen much traffic at all apart from the usual greedy bunch that are employed here. How does anyone find time to eat 2 ......yes 2 bacon and egg sandwiches, drink a cuppa and smoke a cigarette in 15 minutes ?........that's why Simon or David chase them out of there. One of them turned the clock back at the weekend by 20 minutes, David walked in and turned the clock forward by 20 minutes and they all got up and walked out.........well if someone had done that to me I would have stood my one would admit to it ;-)
Mick has been doing some work on a private boat, engineer Simon has also been doing work on a private boat and also fetched Reflection down for me to clean ready for the new occupants on friday.
Well needless to say she didn't get cleaned as other things cropped up in the meantime. I've had no customers all day then at 3 pm I had 4 meals to cook and the lads appeared again for their break, there is no peace for the wicked.
Fred has been busy delivering coal and winterising day boat "Victory", if she books over night Fred you will just have to bring her back again ;-)
Simon popped into Newport this morning to go to the bank and have a wheel put back onto his car, he said "will you be o.k ?"...."of course" I said, well he was back within 1/2 an hour...........banked and the wheel done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nothing else to report for today so until next time, bye Ange...............see you soon Peter.

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