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Friday, 23 November 2012

The Ark

Its been a very quiet week here at Norbury, so much so that we have been struggling to write about the comings and goings here as there haven't been many, the weather has not done us any favours either this week, as everywhere else in the country we haven't escaped the infernal rain, we have had the toilets flooded out, the water level in the canal is definitely up as our floating bridge is floating higher than usual, but where I have really noticed the water is around the lanes, they have standing water in places that I have never seen before, don't worry if you are planning to come to Norbury as the lanes to here from the main road are clear, I had to go up to Cambridge today and I was amazed at how much water there is everywhere, every river I went by has burst its banks and the fields are like lakes, the forecasters are predicting more to come, at this rate we will stop repairing and building narrow boats and concentrate on building an Ark.

The lads have all been busy today, Lee has finished off Phoebe, that's the new to us hire boat and it is looking fab, Simon has been finishing off the engine installation in Sue boat 'No Problem' and that's looking pretty good too, Fred has docked a privet boat to remove the prop, the prop is too small so its going away to be re-pitched, Micky has been turning boats around and getting the cottage ready for its next guests, Ange has been busy with paperwork, Denise has been busy in the tea room and poor David has been re doing the brochure (don't ask why he is re doing it) lets just say that I am not popular with him at the moment!

Until next week

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