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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Jack Frost paid us a visit this morning and when I went out with Annie the grass was crunching under my feet. All of the boats down the arm and in the basin were white over and the road was a bit slippery in places. All of the padlocks were frozen up when Mick was unlocking, which delayed him a little.

Steve and I undocked No Problem this morning and then Mick, Steve and I docked Phoenix for her annual blacking and the tug to have it's reconditioned hydraulic motor refitted. It does make it a bit difficult when the ropes are all frozen up, but we coped!

The new owners of Myk ron Pearl have been here today, preparing for their trip to London. It's good to see new owners making themselves at home on a boat that hasn't been inhabited for some time. It really does bring a boat to life.

Denise and Ange were busy in the tearoom at lunchtime and Ange has cleaned the cottage this afternoon. There's been a good number of people looking at boats for sale again, but we haven't seen any customer since about 3.30pm so Denise went home early.

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