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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

another quiet one

it has been quiet here at norbury again today, when i walked (ran sorry) down the towpath this morning it was absolutely heaving down with rain and blowing a gale. the rain eased off at lunchtime, so i quickly went home to take dylan out cos he doesn't like going out in the rain, he likes his home comforts too much. the tea room has not seen much traffic today, in fact the most traffic i have seen down there today is the lads wanting to be fed and watered. steve made me smile, he said he likes it when i'm in the tea room cos he only gets 1/2 a cup of tea.......dunno what he means as he only pays 1/2 his tea money....ha ha.
fred, simon and simon undocked the boat from the dry dock today, fred said that he and simon could manage, jenk wasn't having any of it, he insisted on getting wet and helping them ;-)
fred had his big yellow rain suit on for most of the day, he always says "you watch, as soon as i put this on it will stop raining"........wrong.
david, denise and mick have all been on their days off.
we haven't seen any boats about today but we have had a few people in for diesel in containers and a few bits of chandlery sold.
sorry but there is nothing else to report for today...........until next time, byeeeeeeee ange.

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