Shop front in the summer

Monday, 19 November 2012


What a different day today than yesterday, I had to go Southampton over the weekend and yesterday afternoon I was stood on a pontoon on the river Hamble having a cup of tea and chatting to a friend, we were both standing enjoying the sun and wearing T shirts, we both commented on how warm the sun was and what a stunning day it was, now look at today, wind, rain and freezing temperatures, I should be grateful that we had a good weekend as according to Angela and David it bought the folks out and it was nice and busy!

Now that this cold weather is well and truly upon us don't get caught out, we can all be complacent when it comes to winterising our boats, we have been busy since last week making sure that all of the boats that are not going out are having a thorough going through and a proper dosing off antifreeze down to -20 degrees in the central heating systems and the engines, you might think that -20 is a bit over the top but the year before last saw temperatures down to that for prolonged periods and  we then saw lots of boats with damage caused by the extreme temperatures.

Its been quiet here today, which in some respects is good as we have had lots of jobs to catch up on, we also had a delivery of steel cages today that me and David have placed out side of the shop front and loaded them up with coal and smokeless fuel to make it easier for customers to get rather than having to go to the compound and wade through the mud when it rains.

Until tomorrow

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