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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sun at last

It seems ages since we saw the big orange thingy in the sky around these parts, but from first light it has been happily glowing in the most gorgeous uncluttered with clouds blue sky, it has even felt quite warm on the wharf today, it will probably drop really cold later when the sun goes in, long may this weather last, I do think it is what everyone in the country needs now after the deluge of rain over the last week or so.

Its been another quiet one here today, although we have had a boat on the wharf for services, a returning shared boat so it has been totally dead, we have even had a few customers in the shop, it cant be full on busy all the time as we would never have the chance to catch up with essential paperwork, then I suppose if it was busy all the time we would just employ more people!

The lads have all been busy, we docked a brokerage boat that sold over the weekend, Fred and Steve did that and Fred then proceeded to pressure wash the hull sides, its having a few coats of blacking and a set of anodes, Steve then carried on with winter Jobs on the boats, Simon has been getting a couple of boats ready for the holiday makers this weekend and also he has started on the winter servicing on the rest of the hire fleet, we have nearly finished all of the jobs on Sues boat (no problem) just a little welding job left to do tomorrow when some bits turn up, I had a look at it today and between Simon, Mick and Fred they have made a lovely neat job of it, picture of the completed engine installation.

That's it from me for toady

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  1. That engine looks good! Well done to the lads, I hope Sir can keep it nice and clean looking now!