Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

very quiet

well the weather has done us no favours at all today. it has been wet and very windy, every time i went to the laundry today i had to sweep loads of leaves out, even shutting the door doesn't seem to make any difference :-(
i have been looking after the tearoom today as denise has been on her day off but it hasn't overly busy in there. we have taken a booking today for "pippin" for a week over the new year.
engineer simon has been doing some jobs on one of the brokerage boats (roza) and fred has been washing the outside of "no problem" which has had some engineering works done to it.
lee has been prepping on "phoebe" which is going to be our new hire boat for next season and is now in the wet dock for painting and mick has been doing some winter work on "quartz".
well that only leaves one person........simon......i think he was bored this afternoon as he has been outside with the pressure washer on the forecourt........i walked back from the laundry and he said "make sure you wipe your feet before you go in there"....he has washed all round the diesel pump, outside the shop door, the tarmac on the yard and then had to wash all the muck off the day boats that had been created from the pressure washing........ha ha, at one stage engineer simon asked me if i had a camera.
sorry, but nothing else to report for today.....until next time, byeeeeeeeee ange.

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