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Monday, 28 January 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

Its funny how things go, as mentioned the other day we have now set up an eBay shop for some of the stuff that we sell already in our shop here at Norbury, we have all been updating products each day as and when we have had time to do so, today has seen lots of activity on the site and we have sold several items, that's great news but in the background someone has to now package the items up and sort out the postage, that doesn't sound like much to do, but tag that on to all of the other jobs that we have to do it then takes twice as long to do the first job that you were doing! Well at least it makes the day go quickly! As I said in the title, its been a busy day today, Me and David had a meeting at ten, I didn't really make that meeting as I was too busy sorting out customers, David had to pretty much do that meeting by himself, we did however catch up in the afternoon and sort out the finer details, which has now led to another meeting on Thursday, it will be worth it in the end, watch this space for a change of scenery!

I see that no one has guessed the location of the last photo that David posted, Well it is Whitsunday Pie lock, this is the first wide lock down stream of Retford on the Chesterfield canal, David was lucky enough to do a bit of boating up that way in 2011 with a friend of his, i will be posting up another picture this week as soon as I have found something>

Until tomorrow

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