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Friday, 4 January 2013

almost spring like

Well it has been a very pleasant day here today at Norbury and as the title suggests "almost spring like". It was a bit dull to start with but very mild and as the day progressed the sun put in an appearance.
We had a day boat out this morning with the occupants from Wharf Cottage on board, they have been watching the weather all week and decided yesterday to go for it and hope for dry weather :-) they all enjoyed their day.
We had Pippin return to us this morning with happy occupants on board and before they went home they enjoyed a full english breakfast that was cooked by Denise. For all of you that don't know, we offer hirers a full english breakfast on your return (pre-ordered) with a tea or coffee for £3.99. Denise has seen quite a few people in the tea room today, mainly for tea and cake but she has been kept quite busy. She did have 2 elderly gentlemen in at lunch time who popped in to tell her that they were leaving a car parked on the back of the building but would be back for some lunch later. True to their word they came back for some lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were reading the text at the back of the menu with regards to our staff and wanted to know if it was true or not, for those of you who haven't seen it pay us a visit or the next time I post a blog I will put it on there for you all to is quite funny....but not true I hasten to add.
Fred has been busy blacking a boat today, Mick has been doing some internal works to Phantasy, David has been down to see Sue off "No Problem" trying to diagnose what is wrong with her engine and Simon has been doing normal Friday morning things, banking and shopping, and he did leave early today as he had a meeting to go to.
I have a smug look on my face again as the bookings are rolling in, we have booked another 4 weeks today, as Simon told you all yesterday I kept saying to him through December that come the new year the holidays   would start to book and I've not been wrong so far, before he went home this afternoon I said "well am I right?" I won't tell you what his answer was but I did say "wind yer neck in".
I must wind this blog up as I have just bought some rag cushions and a rug from someone who frequents Norbury and Dylan my dog doesn't appear to like them as they are being thrown all over the boat :-(
Until next time......byeeee Ange.

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