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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thursday 10th

Foggy day springs to mind as I sit in the office typing today's blog, When I left last night at 5.30 my car windscreen had ice on it and the temperature had dropped really quickly in the afternoon, this morning saw thick fig at home and on the way to work and it is still here this afternoon, the air is moist and heavy today and very very cold, I suspect that we are in for sub zero temperatures later on tonight!

Not a busy day here today, plenty of paperwork to keep me busy, a meeting at noon, off to the bank and post office, and then quiet for the rest of the day, everyone else has been busy though, David has been in and out of the office doing various jobs, taking ultra sound readings on a boat in the dock, that is measuring the steel thickness of the hull using a clever bit of kit, and peering in to engine rooms listening to rattly engines; Simon has mostly been on engine servicing on the fleet, Fred has been showing the new chap the ropes, Mick is his name or 'Mr man bag' as he told me people are calling him, I had to smile as he is the other half to 'Mrs hand bag'! Mick will hopefully be Fred's replacement when he eventually retires, Denise has been quite busy in the tearoom today, and that my friends is it!

until maybe tomorrow.

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