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Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Monkey Man

We seem to have got into a regular routine on a Friday of visiting the Cock Inn at Woodseaves after work for a couple of pints. Last night was no different although there was only Simon and myself from work, Sue and Vic who are regular customers of ours and two of Simon's friends from Southampton... It really is a cracking pub, two roaring fires, good beer and plenty of locals who can seem to get you anything from some vegetables to a brace of Pheasants. It is a shame that we have to drive to it really or I think we would take up residence until kicking out time. I suppose we could tie in the cutting up by the High Bridge although the Double Culvert bridge is nearer and there is a track that leads up into the village, but it's dark and dank there and quite depressing at this time of the year! You'd have to look out for the Monkey Man though.

One night last summer we decided to have an outing on Lorraine's boat to Shebdon, turn round, have a drink at the Anchor and head back to Norbury. Denise's better half; Mike, was steering and we were all sat in the well deck at the fore end of the boat. The light was fading quickly and by the time we got to the Double Culvert bridge it had gone altogether. I was telling the girls about the alleged Monkey Man who is reputed to lurk in the dingy woods surrounding the High Bridge and jump out on boatman as they passed beneath the bridge. As we approached the High Bridge I said that I was going to go and keep Mike company on the stern end of the boat. When I got to the rear of the boat I turned off the trip switches for all of the lights and the hi-fi, plunging them into sudden darkness and an eerie quietness. The girls all screamed! Seconds later I turned everything back on and then they realised it was me!!!

Theres more about the Monkey Man here.

It's been a cold day here at Norbury today. Lots going on behind the scenes but unfortunately not very much activity on the Wharf. Let's hope we don't get the promised snow...



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