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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr again

I know they said it was coming but I suppose you really expect it to be that cold, Well I can assure you it is 'that cold' I think as I am getting older I must be feeling it a bit more! -7 last night and -4 here this morning, just a little bit of ice on the canal at the moment so nothing too stop any boats moving, here is a picture of the boats first thing as I was opening up.
On the drive in this morning the roads were fine but it was quite foggy, that heavy moist fog that makes everything it touches go white, the trees, the hedges the cars, just about anything that is above the ground, its been below freezing all day today and they reckon on the radio that it could get down to -10 tonight! Gawd that's cold

Mega busy today, loads of people in the shop and tea room, lots of people on the wharf (well compared to normal at this time of year) and generally just a pleasant vibe about the place, Fred and his mate Mick have been moving boats in preparation for docking tomorrow and Sunday, if this cold snap carries on then we want the boats within easy reach of the dry dock so that we are not breaking loads of thick ice, Simon has been on draining down duties and engine servicing and Steve has been making new rear doors for a hire boat and repairing a soggy floor on a boat.

I was surprised to see only one person had a guess at the canal location, does any one else have any ideas?

I have plenty more photos to post so please get guessing even if its a stab in the dark.


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