Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Picture identification

On occasion I am going to post a picture of an interesting canal/river location, see if you can guess where it is, its just for fun and no prizes given, lets see who is the most travelled! Be careful as there will be a few unusual ones in there! see above and the one below.

It was snowing, sleeting, hailing, and raining on my way home last night, it was a vile evening, I was hoping that the temperature would warm up but it went the other way and dropped below freezing making the roads hazardous this morning, I had trouble opening my car door this morning and when I got to work the areas around the shop were like a skating ring, the canal was covered in thin ice and all of the boats were covered in snow and ice, this makes it really tricky when working with boats and everyone has had to be really careful around them today, the sun did come out mid morning, but by 2pm the sun was seriously strong in the uncluttered blue sky, if it had only been a few degrees warmer I would have though about sun bathing it was seriously that nice.

Its been quite busy here, again nothing too interesting, Simon has been on lots of different jobs, Starting a private boat first that sounds like it has a dead starter battery, this time of year does highlight poor batteries (remember we do a superb deal on batteries) he then removed a duff water pump off another boat, one that has just been sold, he then went on to servicing the hire fleet, Mick has been doing internal work on a shared owned boat, Freddy has been trying to stay warm, but he has been in the dry dock, blacking, painting and cleaning out a water tank ready for a new coat of water tank black, Ange is still doing stock taking, in between cooking breakfasts (the smell is so nice) shame I am on a diet! I have been up to all sorts of stuff, mainly trying to sort out a schedule for the amount of work that we seem to be booking in at the moment, It is at this time of year that people start to think about getting work done on their boats prior to the fast approaching spring, I have also been trawling through CV's looking for our next helper in the shop and tea room.

As mentioned at the start of the blog, take a look at these photos and guess what canal and where it is, I will post the answer in a couple of days.

this second picture is the same canal.



  1. That'll be the Erewash, just up from Trent Lock?

    Nev Nb Percy

  2. Good try, but I'm afraid it's not up there, quite a bit further away!

  3. Grand Union but not sure which lock.

  4. Don't recognise the 1st lock but the person in the background looks like Simon when he was a young girl

  5. I'm pretty sure that's the Chichester Ship Canal, where it runs along by the marina, and you're probably standing on the lock gates to take the photo of the houseboats. I wouldn't expect many non West Sussex residents to recognise it though!

  6. Thanks Bob for sharing my secret!

    I am suprised that some one actually got where it is, well done Adam, it is indeed the Chichester ship canal in west sussex.