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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ghost town

As you can imagine, this weather has killed the little bit of trade that was about and that goes for everyone I reckon, There has been no movement on the canals in this neck of the woods and that is nothing to do with them being iced up either, although it is freezing cold here the canals have not iced over as yet, there is a little bit down the arm but nothing to stop movement, everyone must be tucked up by their fires, and I don't blame them, given the option I would do the same, so at the moment Norbury is a bit like a ghost town!

We have had some great response from the guess the picture-location, but as yet no one has guessed where the picture of the double lock is that David posted last time, I wont divulge it just yet, I will give it until Thursday to see if any one gets it.

Although it is quiet on the wharf it hasn't been so in the office and the holiday bookings are trickling in nicely, I didn't post a blog yesterday as there was only me David and Steve in and Steve left early, followed by me and the David shut the doors early too, today we have a few more folk in and they have all been kept busy on boats in the docks, well at least they are out of the cold!


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