Shop front in the summer

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pictures today

It was so cold and quiet yesterday that by 4pm Denise, Mrs. Handbag, Fred and Simon had already gone home, so we decided to shut up shop and retire to the pub to get warm in front of the roaring fire! But business doesn't stop when we shut the doors, we were soon talking "shop" to a customer off of our moorings who is currently having work done and selling coal to another local...

There were threats of more snow during the night, but we only had a light sprinkle although that seemed to top up what was already covering anything that sat still. The roads have now become quite slippery as the snow has compacted down and frozen. I dropped a friend back to Gnosall in the Landrover last night and there was a car in the ditch between the two aqueducts. We stopped just to make sure no one was still in the car, but there were footprints leading away, so I can only hope they got out unscathed. 

There's only a few of us in today, Mick, Fred, Denise and Ange. There's not much point having a full workforce in on a day like today!

I've taken some pictures of the snow on some of the boats in the basin for you today. So here goes.


Still Dreaming.

Sphynx and Phantom.


Ange has been busy reorganising the shop and we have decided to have a bit of a Sale. Well it is January... Everything on this stand is now for sale at half the marked price. I think the cross stitches are a real bargain! Pop in and see what is on offer...

Here's a teaser for you well travelled folk. On which canal was this picture taken and can you name the lock?

That's it from me today.

Have a good evening.

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  1. So far we have had the following guess by Douggie Sorley

    Llangollen Canal, but cant remember the name of the lock, I think?"

    I'm afraid it isn't Douggie.

    Keep those guesses rolling in!