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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

quiet day today

It has been quite quiet here today at Nor bury. We have seen quite a few customers in for diesel and we have done the odd pump out (not by me I hasten to add).
We have been a bit thin on the ground today, David has been on a day off along with Lynn and Denise, engineer Simon has been attending a funeral and Mick is on holiday. That just left Mr Handbag (Mick) doing yard duties, Bernard on engineering and Richard painting. We had incidentally lost Bernard well before 5 o'clock, his car was gone and nowhere to be seen....charming.
Well that has just left Joyce, Simon and Myself to hold the fort in the shop. Joyce has looked after the tea room aswell as putting items for sale on EBay, Simon has been doing Simon things and I have been doing nothing as usual. Sorry for the short post, not much more to report for today, until next time....bye ange.

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