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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bookings, and a sad day!

I have just retuned after a couple of days away, and only a fleeting visit as I am off again from tonight, nothing as glamorous as holidays abroad or anything like that, so sorry for the lack of blogs in my absence I do know that David and the gang have been very busy, and that brings me nicely on to the topic of bookings, before I went last week we had an influx of hire bookings at the last minute which gave the guys and gals some headaches in getting all of the boats turned around for Saturday but they managed nicely, the bookings for the boats have quietened down since then but the bookings for the trip boat have gone bananas, we are currently doing a promotion on the trip boat for a Friday night fish-n-chip supper and that kept us all very busy in the office today, we are only doing the Friday night trips at the moment for this month and August, but if the current interest in these trips carries on then we will extend these trough September and maybe beyond. Its been another quiet day here on the canal, not many boats about at all but that doesn’t stop us being busy, Richard has been doing a cracking job on the boat that is currently in for painting and that is not far off being finished, its being sign written tomorrow and then it will be coming out of the dock on Sunday, hopefully David will get a photo when it emerges, Lee has been busy blacking and pumping boats out, while Mick has been doing electrics on a private owned boat and Simon has also being working on the same boat fitting anodes, new rudder bearings and engine servicing. The title says a 'sad day' and today is a sad day as an old friend of mine and also a friend of many at Norbury and the wider canal community passed away yesterday, so my thoughts are with their family, I will write about him in another blog. Simon

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