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Friday, 19 July 2013

Too hot to handle!

I am not referring to me in the title, rather the boats in the wharf, I had to walk down the gunwales of a boat today and I could not put my hands on the hand rails it was that hot and it has remained over 30 degrees all day long, I have been ok this week in the heat except today it has finally got to me and I don't mind admitting that come 4.30 I am starting to flag a bit, I feel sorry for Simon who has been welding today and Mick who has been in engine rooms today, they both deserve a cool beer as does Sylvia who has beavered away in the very hot tea room and also the girls who have been cleaning boats.

Two day boats out today and they returned with very happy customers aboard, one hire boat turned around and we have had a couple of hire boats come back a bit early, but that is about it for today except we have a fish-n-trip supper on the trip boat, that will be a hot boat as it has a full 42 seats booked, so I have been out today and bought several bags of ice, put the drinks chillers on so that at least our customers will be able to enjoy a really cool drink while they glide down the canal on this wonderful summer evening, i really quite fancy that myself!

That's it from me for this week, David is back so no doubt he will have something to say over the weekend

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