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Monday, 1 July 2013

Playing catch-up!

Its always the same when you return from a weeks holiday, loads of things to catch up on, and today has been no exception, all day long I have been playing catch up, but as I type the blog I have finished catching up and my desk is clear and ready for tomorrow, I reckon that it will be busy tomorrow, mainly because Ange is on holiday and David is off so that leaves me and Joyce to look after the office!
Its generally been a busy day here on the wharf, nothing too exciting has been happening and it is difficult for me to comment on what the individual lads have been up to as I have had my head buried for most of the day, but they have all been quiet so I guess they have been working hard too, I do know that Mick saw two day boats out and prepared two hire boats that he also saw out this afternoon and then turned the returning day boats around ready for tomorrow. When I finally looked up from my paperwork today it was time to go home, so I will see what tomorrow brings and maybe I will write something if its worth mentioning!


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