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Monday, 15 July 2013

Whats going on?

Mondays come around far too quick, as I sit here tying today's blog I wonder what happened to the weekend, and what a weekend it was, weather wise I mean, Saturday the hottest day so far this year, I don't know where you were but up here it was seriously hot, Even given how hot it was and is now it doesn't seem to be bringing people out with their boats, after the last couple of years of poor weather you would think that the canal would be thronging with people itching to use their boats, yet it still seems very quiet indeed on the 'cut' maybe everyone is saving themselves for August!

A very busy morning this morning, everyone descended on us first thing for about two hours then it quietened down to a steady day, two day boats out first thing, one hire boat returned with happy folk aboard and one boat out this afternoon for a week. Mick saw to the boats going out and then carried on with odd jobs on private boats around the yard, Richard has been painting as per usual, Lee has been turning hire boats around and then working on the yard and grounds, there is always something to do to keep busy in between pump outs and diesel on the wharf, the tea room has kept Sylvia busy and at times with help off Lynn, David has gone off boating for the week,

The trip boat is off out on a charter again tonight, tonight it is full of Beavers, I will leave that one to your imagination! and that's yer lot for a Monday!


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