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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

water shortages and problems!

It goes almost without saying that when we have extremes in the weather conditions we inevitably end up with restrictions on the waterways, I have noticed a steady stream of restrictions and warnings coming through on emails today from Canal and river trust, nothing to worrying at the moment but it wouldn't surprise me that if this wonderful weather carries on we will see a few more, rest assured though that the Shroppie isn't suffering any restrictions and certainly wont be, even down to water levels, last year I wrote about the unique water supply of ours which comes from the Barnhurst sewage works at Wolverhampton, so as long as people still go to the loo we will have water in the Shroppy!

Its been another amazing day here at the wharf, again lots of people about enjoying the sun, the ice creams and the cool beers from the tea rooms, of which Sylvia has looked after wonderfully, Joyce has been answering the many phone calls today, the phone has not stopped with people booking boats and trips, Angela is back and it's great to have her back, she has been piling through a mountain of paperwork and has amazingly been quite quiet, it wont last! Mick has been finishing off some work on a private boat, after seeing the day boats out Simon had a breakdown to attend to, nothing serious fortunately, and then he carried on with a few different jobs on private boats dotted around the wharf, Poor old Richard had the arduous task of starting to prepare the next boat that is in for painting, not such a big job as the last one!

I'm off for something cooler now so until tomorrow.

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