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Saturday, 13 July 2013

quiet start to the day

as the title suggests we had a very quiet start to the day today apart from having 3 day boats go out first thing this morning, all of which returned without any issues. we have had 3 boats return  to us this morning with happy holiday makers aboard and 5 go out this afternoon, i hope the weather holds for them.
lynn and sarah have been busy cleaning the boats and making beds this morning, fred and his little helpers have been turning the boats around and serving the many wharf customers with diesel and gas and also putting the last coat of blacking on the boat that is in the dry dock, (never mind sandra you will be out tomorrow), engineer simon has been doing engine servicing and also attended a breakdown here at norbury, we had the name of the boat, no telephone number and no customers name, simon said whereabouts is it, david said norbury, that's all we know (nothing to do with us, i might add).
the newport show has been on today and i think that is why we were so quiet this morning, this afternoon was a different kettle of fish,everyone turned up at norbury all at the same time and all hell broke loose.
ice creams selling like they were going out of fashion and generally very busy in the tea room and shop, at one stage i had a phone at each ear, had to take both potential customers phone numbers to call them back as the shop was full of customers, phoned them back and 1 day boat booked and a holiday for next weekend ;-)
that's all for today, sorry for the short post, until next time byeeeeeeeeeee, ange.

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