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Friday, 5 April 2013

Busy friday

Well what a busy day it has been here at Norbury today. When I walked along the towpath this morning it was a bit icy underfoot and the sun was shining. The sun has stayed out all day and has been quite warm. It hasn't stopped folk buying coal tho, we still need the fires lit. We have sold lots of diesel aswell and also done a fair amount of pump outs.
I sent Simon out shopping this morning as he kept saying "I haven't got a lot to do today", so he went to Stoke and when he got there the warehouse was shut, they must have heard he was on his way....ha ha.
David has been busy doing brokerage paperwork for the accountant and I have been busy with holiday bookings, the phone has been relentless.
Lynn and Joyce have been out cleaning and Mrs Tupp has been busy in the tea room.
Fred has been outside with his friend Alan who is learning the ropes and doing well I hasten to add.
Steve has been carrying on with trip boat which is coming along nicely and Mick has been helping him.
Well that's all from me for tonight, the blogs will have a bit more content soon, promise....byee Ange.

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