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Friday, 19 April 2013

I really don't know where this week has gone to... In actual fact I can't believe it is the 19th of April... Time just flies by when you are enjoying yourself and I must say that this week has been one of those.

I spent my days off working on our new trip boat, which I must say is taking shape nicely. People are getting to know that she is based here and they are eager to book. Unfortunately we need to complete all the necessary certification before we can take firm bookings, but I am well on the case with this. Plans are afoot to have a launching ceremony on Saturday 4th May at 12.30pm on our Wharf and by then we should know from what date we can accept bookings from. In the meantime we welcome visitors to come and have a look at her in the various stages of completion prior to entering service.

Things have changed so much in the last nine years that I have been at Norbury. We used to do a lot of advertising in local papers, waterways press, newsletters etc. But nowadays the majority of our advertising is internet based, hence the new website that we introduced a couple of months ago and our online booking system which is now into its second year. By utilising websites such as Apolloduck we not only have a local audience but a national if not worldwide audience. Of course there are still people out there that don't use the internet and we still keep them in mind, so you can see regular adverts in Waterways World and local newsletters and we encourage these customers to pick the telephone up and talk to us!

A few weeks ago we decided to try a bit of extra online advertising and enrolled with a company called Wowcher. It has proved to be a huge success, meaning that we sold in excess of fifty dayboat vouchers in under twenty four hours - now that's some going... Joyce and I have been really busy today processing the bookings for the customers who telephoned wanting to make a booking with their voucher. And there's more to go. Keep an eye out for our next offer!

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