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Saturday, 6 April 2013

ice cream sales on the up

Wow what a busy day it has been here at Norbury today. It started off a little frosty again this morning but the sun soon burned through and it has been absolutely glorious day all day. So much so that we have a serious run on ice creams, I was in 2 minds on tuesday when the supplier rang whether to order at all so I asked her to ring me the next day and see what was going on with the weather, still not looking too good I reluctantly placed an order.......phew, so glad I did, I'll be topping up onTuesday and hopefully again on Thursday ;-)
We had 5 hire boats return to us this morning and all had a good time and we have had "Princess" depart this afternoon with returning customers aboard for 2 weeks and heading towards Llangollen, have a good time Rob, Charlotte and co. We also turned Wharf Cottage around that was cleaned by Sylvia.
Fred has been doing his usual saturday morning stuff and being a general pain, he has also been doing bits and bobs on the trip boat along with Mick and Steve.
I've done a couple of holiday bookings today but have spent most of my day in the tea room with Mrs Tupp, it was quite quiet this morning but then I think everyone woke up all at the same time and came to Norbury for an all day breakfast. Lynn has been out cleaning "Princess" and has then stripped all the bedding etc from the boats that returned to us today and ploughed through a whole hoard of washing.
That's it from me for today, until next time byeeeeeeeeeee Ange.

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