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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Norbury Jam

I am not on about a Sweet tasting fruit product that we sell in our shop, rather different sort of Jam! Over the Easter bank holiday there was the usual Historic boat gathering at Ellesmere port boat museum and the one of the routes used to get there is along the Shroppie, we did see quite a few old boats heading that way prior to the gathering and on Monday 6 of those boats decided to return via the Shroppie and stay at Norbury for the evening, 5 out these 6 boats where 'Joshers' made up of 3 motor boats with Bolinder engines, 2 butties and a Grand union boat, it was a lovely sight to see 5 old working boats tied on the wharf for the night, they turned up late and were gone early the next morning so they didn't really have any impact on the navigation through Norbury but it did look like the canal was jam packed full, I tried to get a picture but only had my Phone on me so I am sorry for the poor quality of the picture, the light was fading and I had had a couple of beers too!
It must have been a great sight and sound early the next morning as 3 Bolinders were kicked in to life and disappeared over Shelmore embankment in the early morning mist!

This morning was a cold one, the boats were well covered in frost on my arrival to work, but the sun was beating out its glorious rays from first light which was superb, the frost soon disappeared to leave us with a stunning day, just the sort of day that you want to loose your mooring ropes and go cruising! It has remained a glorious day all day long which has bought folks out to enjoy the wharf, given that today is our thinnest on the ground in terms of staff it hasn't been over busy, a couple of pump outs a bit of diesel but nothing to get to excited about, Richard has been cracking on with the paint job in the wet dock, Simon welding on a boat in the dry dock and Steve has been cracking on with the trip boat


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