Shop front in the summer

Monday, 1 April 2013

Has it finally arrived?

I am of course talking about the start of the cruising season, I haven't been around over the weekend as I was being treated to a weekend away, well it was my birthday after all, anyway I know that David had several boats go out on Saturday which I would say was the start of the season, He said that he had a busy day on Sunday but today has been very busy indeed and we have seen boats queueing to get on to the wharf for services, the shop has seen lots of people in and the tea room has seen its fair share of folks through the door, It would have been a different story if that orange thingy in the sky had put in an appearance then we would have been manic but as usual it hasn't been out much today and its remained bitterly cold.
Me and David have been in and out of the office today and we have been moving boats around and generally tidying up the boats on the wharf, whilst out there I noticed just how many boats have been passed and the canal has been nice and busy, I will apologise in advance if I don't get around to posting any more blogs this week but I reckon that we will carry on being busy!


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