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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Free boating holiday anyone?

Its that time again where I am offering anyone the chance of a free weeks boating, this is just a provisional at the moment but I might have a 50 footer on the Gloucester and Sharpness canal that needs to be moved to Norbury within the next couple of weeks, so any takers or interested parties please drop me an email, remember folks that it is a first come first served basis so be quick if you are interested.

Thanks Ange for the blog yesterday, I ran out of time to do one, and thanks Mike for the comments on Mondays blog, I echo your comments and I truly hope we are both wrong and its just a blip and it isn't the end of an era, which if I am honest I don't think it is, more a case of, the start of a new era!

Been a busy one today, as well as the usual day to day stuff I have completed on two boats that have sold and finalised the deal on a third boat that was surveyed recently so all in all not a bad days work, The lads have all been busy, two boats docked, one for survey and then another for blacking later one which Lee duly pressure washed, Bernard has been moving boats around the yard making space for the hire boats that are going out the weekend, Steve has been cracking on with the trip boat and it does look like it will be finished by the 4th May and Richard has been applying paint to the newly prepared boat in the wet dock.

Until tomorrow.

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