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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hard work!

Even on the days when things are really quiet sometimes the day still seems like hard work,a bit like today!  I love busy days when you are running around like a headless chicken and don't have a minute to think, I get a real buzz out of it and it always feels like its been a productive day, but I hate days that are generally quite slow yet you feel like everything has been hard work and you haven't actually accomplished anything!

One thing that has been accomplished today is that Richard has finished the paint job that he has worked so hard on, here is photo of the boat just as it was coming out of the dock at lunch time.
I have to say that he has achieved a great result and from what was a bit of a rusty boat that was seriously in need of 'freshening up' Good result! We then docked the next one to get the 'Richard touch' incidentally the Oaf like looking person on the front of the boat is Simon our engineer, I am sure he will give me some stick for that description tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.
Simon (not the Oaf)

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