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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

first aid course

Hi all, as the title suggests some of us have been on a first aid course today. There was David, Mike and myself on the course, I can't believe where the time has gone since we did the last one, anyway we all spent the day in Wharf cottage with Ade our tutor. He is a really nice chap and makes you all feel at ease with the training and we had lots of laughs along the way with the mannequins, blowing up their noses and into their mouths...........yuk. We stopped for break at 12.30 and when we went back to the cottage there had been a little accident in the utility room. There was a mannequin lying in there with a hoover on its chest, an ironing board nearby and a bin preventing us from getting in there, as David was the last person back from break Ade made it Davids duty to talk us through it (thank goodness it wasn't me). We carried on with the course for a couple more hours and stopped for break again at 3 pm. We then talked about drowning and low and behold there was a mannequin hiding behind the wall on the, all the people in the junction were now watching us do our training, how embarrassing, then it was back to the cottage to finish off and our certificates will be here in 2 weeks time.
As we have been training this has only left Simon and Joyce in the office and Sylvia in the tea room today. Simon and Joyce have been working on E bay, taking bookings and looking after customers in the shop and Sylvia has been in the tea room with the help of Joyce as and when needed.
Steve has been cracking on with the trip boat, painting the roof, Rich has been prepping the boat in the painting dock, Bernard has been on pump out duties amongst other dodgy things and as I haven't been here for 10 days I haven't had chance to tell you all that my nephew Lee has taken over from Fred and has been pressure washing, blacking and general yard duties....keep up the good work Lee ;-)
until next time byeeeeeeeeeee Ange.

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