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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wind down

It has been a cold few days on the wharf but this afternoon it has really warmed up, according to Angela who has been informed by Denise that the weather is going to improve massively for the weekend, apparently when Denise talks about the weather she is usually right! Lets hope so, in both cases!

Its not been overly busy here this week so far, although Monday was quite busy for those that were in the office,but that was mainly due to my absence because of meetings and people being either on their days off, off sick or on holiday!

Nothing really to report about, the usual stuff has gone on, boats being painted, boats being blacked, hire boats going out, day boats going out, bacon sandwiches being cooked (I hate that because the smell is gorgeous and I would love to have one every time I smell them)

The reason for the post title is that Ange is on wind down as she is off on holiday next week, in fact she is off from this coming Saturday, Guess what and where she is going........................yep I reckon you have guessed it, shes going boating, on her boat and up to Llangollen, so keep your eyes open for her boat, the Merry Pippin, give her a wave if you see her and her motley crew which will be made up of her hubby Mark and friends Peter and Sandra.

No boating for me, just yet!

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