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Sunday, 11 May 2014

April showers?

Well, we have all heard of April showers, but they must be running late this year because the weather has been so changeable today! One minute the sun has been shining and the next the heavens have opened.

That's just typical as I have been working outside for most of the day. Lee and I docked a boat first thing whilst Peter showed the dayboats out and Mick sorted a few minor problems with a couple of "regulars" boat's.

Once the water was drained from the dock the Steve Hand carried out his "pre-purchase" survey. That gave us time to finish shifting a few boats around and doing some maintenance jobs around the yard! 

The top blew off of the tap in the gents toilets last Sunday morning, so it has been isolated all week whilst we got a replacement. Peter's made a good job of it and there's no longer the need to nip in to the ladies to wash your hands!!!

Once Steve had finished with his survey, I flooded the dock and Peter and I docked Lilliput. This is another "regular" here at Norbury for docking and blacking. We do find that we have a lot of repeat custom with dockings etc. and we build a good relationship with the customers when this happens.

Peter pressure washing "Lillyput".

Although the weather hasn't been too kind to us today there has been a few boats on the move, calling in for the normal diesel, pumpout and other services that we have on offer. On a cold wet day the tearoom makes a welcome retreat while one of our lads carry out your requests.


Lee's been working hard preparing Arwen Evenstar prior to painting this week and I have managed to get a few photographs as the primer was being applied earlier today. We sold this boat to the current owners about three years ago and they have returned to us to give her a fresh appearance.

 Arwen Evenstar in the Wet dock.

 Arwen Evenstar with primer applied to the starboard side.

Front end of Arwen Evenstar.

That's it from me today. Until next time.

Best regards, David. 

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